Farm-to-Campus Announcement

by nataliefox on April 16, 2014

Ky Proud group LMW_6800
Speakers at the Campbellsville University Kentucky Proud Farm-to-Campus announcement are shown with Pioneer College Caterers Inc. representatives. From left are Rep. Bam Carney; Mayor Tony Young; CU President Dr. Michael V. Carter; CU food …services director Heith Hall; Agriculture Commissioner James Comer; Tim Wolters, PCC vice president for operations; and Dan Poset, PCC district manager. (Campbellsville University Photo by Linda Waggener)

Chief’s Commendation

by nataliefox on April 10, 2014

Officer Gilpin

Chief Tim Hazlette, Officer Gilpin, Mayor Tony Young

Is hereby presented to Officer Bart Gilpin in recognition of exemplary service during the investigation of business burglaries adversely impacting the City of Campbellsville.


During the Month of March, the City of Campbellsville was confronted with several business break-ins.  After an intensive, group investigative effort, video surveillance was obtained from the Minit Mart/Godfathers Gas Station.  After reviewing the video and using still frame photographs, a bulletin was produced and distributed to law enforcement officers. Officer Gilpin, who was off duty, reviewed the email bulletin and recognized the suspect to be David Cox.  Officer Gilpin immediately notified Sergeant Simpson of the identification of the suspect.  Officer Gilpin and Officer Roy Rogers were able to determine a location for the perpetrator and successfully affected his arrest.

Officer Gilpin’s actions and commendable performance is in keeping with the finest traditions of police service and reflects great credit upon himself, the Campbellsville Police Department and the City of Campbellsville.

Presented on the 7th day of April, 2014 in the City of Campbellsville.

The Environmental Protection Agency awarded the City of Athens, Tennessee a grant to restore a wetland and produce a video on water quality and rain gardens. It was written by Athens Public Works and it stars Bill Landry from the Tennessee Heartland Television Series. The well-produced video showcases the affects of land use change on watersheds in a very user-friendly, understandable manner. It showcases activities that local homeowners and communities can do to manage stormwater.

Go to: Rain Gardens – Storm Water Mitigation

Congratulations to Campbellsville Police Officer Nelson Bishop for being chosen Police Officer of the Year for 2013!
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Congratulations to Campbellsville Detective Ben Riggs for being chosen Investigator of the Year for 2013!
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