Campbellsville Police Department 2014 Annual Report

by melaniepuryear on March 25, 2015


CES Leader Luncheon

by melaniepuryear on March 25, 2015

Campbellsville Elementary School’s Leaders of the Week for the month of February were honored with a luncheon on Tuesday, March 24.
CES Lighthouse Team members host a lunch each month to honor the students who were chosen as Leaders of the Week the previous month.
The lunch on March 24 was hosted to honor those chosen as Leaders of the Week in February. Students are awarded the Leader of the Week honor based on their leadership skills.
Campbellsville Independent Schools’ administrators, as well as community leaders, were invited and the CES leaders were given the opportunity to eat with them.
CES students who were named Leader of the Week in February include Kaylee Lamer, Tye Rhodes, Alexia Howard, Lainey Price, Keylan Strong, Rihanna Anderson, Keaton Hord, LaDainien Smith, Ethan Garrison, Gracie Pendleton, Brooklyn Giles, Riley Newton, Cassie Crick, Natasha Torres, Caleb Holt, Brianna Lyons, Arisha Francis and Alex Jones.
Photos Courtesy of Calen McKinney, Public Information Officer/Grant Writer News Team Sponsor for Campbellsville Independent Schools.

CHS & TCHS Leadership Trip

by melaniepuryear on March 25, 2015

On Tuesday, March 24, CHS students participating in this year’s Campbellsville/Taylor County Chamber of Commerce youth leadership program went to Campbellsville/Taylor County EMS headquarters to hear local emergency service personnel talk about their jobs.
Youth leadership students from Taylor County also attended, as did this year’s group of adult leadership participants.
Campbellsville Mayor Tony Young told the group about his job, which includes operating city government and Campbellsville Water Company. He said he hopes the City will continue to grow and young people, like the CHS students, will stay here and work.
Young said the students are preparing for the future now and should take advantage of all the opportunities given to them.
EMS Director Gary Magers told students about how his operation works, from the various equipment EMTs and paramedics use to the types of emergency situations his personnel handle. Magers said EMS personnel respond to about 4,500 calls each year.
Campbellsville Fire & Rescue Chief Kyle Smith said his firefighters respond to about 1,000 calls a year, and the majority of them aren’t fire-related. He said his personnel respond to motor vehicle crashes, water rescues and many other types of special operations situations and perform fire inspections for residents and local businesses.
Smith said his fire department will host a fire academy later in the year in which residents can go through fire training. He told students that education is essential in today’s competitive job market.
Capt. Chris Taylor and Firefighter Aaron Fields showed students the equipment firefighters use and let students try on their turnout gear.
EMS Major Allen Bottoms showed students the life-saving equipment paramedics and EMTs use in medic units.
Campbellsville Police Officer Andy Warren told students about his job as a police officer. He said officers routinely have contact with those who are using alcohol and drugs. Lately, Warren said, officers have investigated several break-ins in Taylor County.
Warren showed students what he keeps in his police cruiser, from a change of clothes to several weapons to his handcuffs.
To demonstrate how officers use a Taser to subdue a suspect, Fields volunteered to allow Warren to shock him.
Students also toured the Taylor County Detention Center and saw how the jail operates, from its control room to the kitchen, chapel and booking and visitation areas. Students also saw a solitary confinement cell and learned how jail personnel work to keep inmates and staff members safe.
After the tours, students were taken to Phillips Lanes Bowling Alley for lunch and bowling.
Photos courtesy of Calen McKinney, Public Information/Grant Writer News Team Sponsor at Campbellsville Independent Schools.

Community Listening & Design Session

by Cody Wood on March 2, 2015

A listening and design session was held in preparation of the City of Campbellsville Comprehensive Plan. We have attached a copy of the notes from the meeting.

Listening & Design Notes

Don’t worry if you were unable to attend, your opinion matters, and we want to hear from you.

Citizen’s Award Recognition

by melaniepuryear on March 1, 2015

Brooklyn Garret and Tiffany Garret received the Citizen’s Award at Monday night’s City Council Meeting.