05/10/2012 Miller Park Improvements and HWY 210 Bypass Lights

by mayoryoung on September 22, 2012

With summer rapidly approaching, I am excited about the improvements that are planned for Miller Park and the Campbellsville Bypass. In some cases, much progress has already been made. Due to frequent use and weathering, the concession stand roof, athletic fields, restrooms, and announcement booth required repairs and painting. We have corrected these issues and are currently addressing better drainage for the parking lots.

On Saturday, May 26th, the City Pool will be open for business. As members of the community come to enjoy a day in the sun, they will see that many improvements have already been made. The interior and exterior of the pool house have been painted; a new pump and motor for the filtering system, in addition to new faucets and shower heads have been installed. When the pool opens, the stainless steel walls of the pool will have been repaired, and there will be steps, a handrail, and lift chair installed for easier entrance into the pool. In the fall the floor of the pool will be repainted with the appropriate epoxy paint in order to maintain the life of the pool.

The tennis courts beside the pool are also scheduled to get a facelift in mid-June to July. These improvements will include new asphalt and sealant on all six courts and the outer viewing area. The new surfaces will be striped; the shelter roof, scoring station, and court enclosures will also be repaired. These improvements will create a great place for tennis players and fans alike to enjoy the courts.

I believe the expenditure of our tax dollars for these upgrades is important for our citizens and visitors. We must also realize, however, our responsibility to protect our investment. Surveillance cameras are scheduled to be installed to address safety concerns and the ongoing problem of vandalism. To this end, I encourage all park users to be vigilant in reporting unsafe or destructive behavior.

Another significant improvement to our community’s safety is the installation of new lighting on Kentucky 210-the Campbellsville Bypass. During the expansion of this section of roadway entering our city the lights were removed, but never replaced. We have partnered with Taylor County RECC to complete this project. The necessary forms requesting a permit have been submitted to the Transportation Cabinet. Upon approval, construction is anticipated to begin in July. RECC will purchase the poles and light fixtures, and the City will provide the concrete bases that must be installed and pay the monthly electricity cost.
It is my hope that these improvements will provide a safer, more enjoyable experience for both the citizens of Taylor County and the visitors to our community for this summer and the years to come.

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