06/14/2012 City’s Foresight For The Future

by mayoryoung on October 3, 2012

Coming into office, I had no plans to create any new debt for the city.

Purchasing land for a new park was definitely not my intention. At first, I did not even want to discuss the issue. I simply did not feel the purchase would be a wise decision.

However, an opportunity arose that I felt could better our community for many years to come, and as new information emerged, my interest in the purchase grew.

I learned that the Campbellsville/Taylor County Industrial Foundation, which was formed several years ago, had accumulated a large sum of money to be used for projects encouraging community progress and was offering $500,000 to purchase the land.

The location of the land also made it desirable. It is near the city, close to KY 55, and close to the area where the Heartland Parkway Bypass will likely be built in the future.

Since the land is in such a prime location, the likelihood of the price of this land increasing was almost assured. With it already appraised at more than $7,500 per acre, it seemed that buying the land was either now or never.

In addition to the $500,000 from the industrial foundation, $40,500 will also be made from leasing 30 acres of the land for crop production in this year alone. This, along with the possible sale of some of the land to state authorities for the Heartland Bypass, will cover a large portion of the $1.3 million purchase.

After the financial aspects of the potential purchase were considered, the costs, the income being made and the future benefits of the park, the decision was made by the Campbellsville City Council and myself to purchase this land.

The question, “Do we really need a new park?” may be raised, but to this I would answer, “yes.”

I see this purchase as being highly beneficial to the community by providing future sites for industrial development, the Taylor County Fair and recreational facilities.

The city and the Taylor County Fair Board are partnering to provide a permanent home for the Taylor County Fair.

Thirty acres of the new property will be reserved for the fair.

Our current park system is dated and quickly becoming overcrowded as our community continues to grow. The City Council and I are committed to future development that will outlive our positions and a promising tomorrow for those who come after us.

The city is working with a consulting firm to assist with the developments that are now taking place. This firm will help establish goals, provide concept choices, prepare drawings, cost analyses, short and long-term priorities and present a final master plan to the City Council.

Once the project is complete, I feel that visitors to our community, as well as the residents of Campbellsville and Taylor County, will enjoy the recreation available at the new park.

Also, with the rise in visitors, more people will be eating in our restaurants, shopping at our stores, staying in our hotels and spending money throughout our community

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