09/13/2012 Police Department Update

by mayoryoung on October 3, 2012

The Campbellsville Police Department participates in the Equitable Sharing Program administered by the U.S. Department of Justice. Through this Program, the Department of Justice distributes an equitable share of forfeited property and proceeds to participating state and local law enforcement agencies that directly participate in an investigation or prosecution that result in a federal forfeiture. Campbellsville Police are able to be a participant in this program by assigning two (2) officers to the Appalachia High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Drug task Force for which Taylor County is contained within that geographic area.

Funds received through the Equitable Sharing Program may be used for law enforcement investigations, law enforcement training, law enforcement facilities, and law enforcement equipment.

Through the cooperative investigations by the Campbellsville Police Department, Kentucky State Police and federal agencies, our city has received several thousand dollars in funds for use to purchase much needed equipment, uniforms and vehicles. In the current calendar year, we have been able to outfit the entire department in new uniforms which have improved the appearance of our officers and increased their visibility to our visitors, citizens and businesses. Moreover, we have been afforded the opportunity to improve the police fleet with the purchase of three (3) new patrol cars purchased from these funds. In addition, equipment is forthcoming to better protect our officers with new body armor.

The work of our police officers and our participation in the task force have produced much needed funding which has ultimately saved the taxpaying citizens while providing us with a modern and effective police department.

Five new police cars will to be delivered to the Campbellsville Police Department soon. Three of the vehicles were purchased using Drug Forfeiture Funds and are expected to be in service soon.  Also, the two additional units are being replaced using the rotation schedule that was planned and approved by the City Council.

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