Mayor Works Alongside City Workers

by mayoryoung on February 14, 2013


Mayor Tony Young, Lt. Paramedic Denise Gupton, and EMT Jason Rainwater Top: Paramedic Troy Cooke & Mayor Young
Bottom:Mayor Tony Young, Lt. Paramedic Denise Gupton, and EMT Jason Rainwater
Photo Courtesy of CKNJ

The Campbellsville Water Company has recently begun construction of a new one million gallon water storage tank near Highway 55.  The foundation stage is well underway.  Next will be the building of the concrete pedestal.  Then, the third stage is the construction of the tank itself.  It will be built and lifted into position.  Once the new tank is completed, two older tanks will be dismantled.  The new tank will improve water quality, water pressure and water storage capacity for the entire community.  It will be a valuable asset to our community as the delivery of a safe water supply is critical for both domestic and industrial uses.  It will help maintain adequate supply and pressure during peak demand periods.

I recently enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside some City employees.  While working a 24-hour shift with our Emergency Medical Services, I was able to witness firsthand the commitment, dedication and talent these employees unselfishly provide to our community every day and night.  I certainly admire and appreciate the emergency services, which are sometimes taken for granted until they are needed.  There have been experiences in my life where I felt, as a citizen, almost helpless.  The experience showed me personally how different organizations come together.  They are always there but in the background.  As citizens, we often do not get a chance to thank them after an incident.  These people are out there lending assistance to us during many types of emergencies.

The City’s supervisors and managers will be attending an Emergency Management Seminar.  They will be participating one day during each of the next three months. This idea was presented last spring after the tornadoes in eastern Kentucky.  I asked the group attending our Safety Committee meeting if we are prepared for a disaster here in Campbellsville.  Many scenarios were reviewed and we decided that additional training would better prepare all of us for a similar situation.

In the coming weeks, I will be with the sanitation employees working their routes and experiencing the challenges they have each day.  They work out in all types of weather conditions such as rain and snow.  Even in the most extreme hot and cold conditions they continue to provide this valuable service to all residents and businesses in the City.  A couple of weeks ago during the icy road conditions, two trucks when unable to complete their routes.  Once the roads were cleared, they worked double routes daily until all customers were serviced.

Soon I will be working with Streets and Parks departments and then with the Water and Sewer Company employees.  I want to show all City employees the attention and support they deserve.  By working with employees in their work environment, I get to learn what they do on a day-to-day basis.  My experience with our City employees is they are very humble people.  As a citizen who has personally experienced their services, it is very important to me to recognize them.

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