Doing Your Best

by nataliefox on June 14, 2013

CKNJ Mayor’s Article June, 2013

“Doing your best during the most adverse situations.”

Recently, I came home from work one day and felt a sharp pain in my stomach.  It was a familiar pain, one that has occurred eight times over the past seventeen years. Each time, I was hospitalized for a number of days until the blockage dissolved.  But this time would be different and much more challenging.  This time I needed surgery. The surgery went well but the recovery time was lengthy and unexpected.  Bad things happen at the most inconvenient times.  I could not miss work.  I did not have time to miss.  There are just too many things going on, too many projects underway or about to start.  I needed to keep the momentum going.

Some people wondered who was running the city while I was hospitalized?  Who’s in charge of the day-to day operations?  The answer was very simple. I was proud to say that each department supervisor, director and chief were doing what they do every day – running their departments.  They all kept me informed of the daily activities through visits, calls, e-mails and texts.

My staff at City Hall and Campbellsville Water and Sewer Company carried on under the supervision of City Clerk, Cary Noe and Water Company Comptroller, Cheryl Sullivan.  They held daily meetings with me, providing various correspondence and paperwork for approval and actions while at the hospital.  For the first time since becoming Mayor, I was unable to preside over the City Council meeting on June 3rd.  Our Mayor Pro-Tem, Dr. Jimmy Ewing presided that night.

Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. We can’t avoid these assaults. When you are the one in charge, you just don’t think it can go on without you.  I am a hands-on type of person.  I want to be personally involved every day in the business of the city.  I learned from this experience that if you have prepared, trained and developed your team, they will continue to do what they already know to do.

Whenever adversity comes our way, we must choose how we will deal with it.  Should we expend precious energy protesting these upheavals as unfair? Should we soldier on and work through them?  Our community has chosen to put its best foot forward when it was knocked down in the past. We must continue to invest in our community so that future businesses will invest in us.  We must invest for our future generations. I look forward to the completion of our downtown projects this summer.  I have chosen to move forward and work toward positive outcomes.

I want to thank all of the City of Campbellsville and Campbellsville Water and Sewer Company employees for continuing to do what they do every day.  I sincerely thank my family, my friends and the many citizens who called, visited or sent cards during my recent illness.  You have all given me encouragement and strength to soldier on.

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