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by nataliefox on September 10, 2013

We appreciate the patience of the citizens who are so affected by the Downtown Water Line Replacement Project.  This project will replace many old water lines within the city and is well underway.  Contractors have worked on many streets to install new lines or to change meters over to larger lines that are nearby.  There are some yards and streets being disturbed and dug up in order to improve the lines and in turn, the water quality.

An effort is being made to cover these areas temporarily until the final work is complete and the yards and streets can be completely repaired.  If it appears that the workers have left an area and it doesn’t look very good, they are likely going to have to come back and do more work before that section is totally finished.  It takes several days for water samples to be taken and lab tests to be performed before meters can be connected to the new lines.

Progress on the one million gallon water storage tank is moving at a very good pace.  Typically, the time allowed to build a water tank of this size is 18 months.  Construction of the tank at the Clarcor site on Highway 55 began on December 14th of last year.  We anticipate our tank being ready to hold water well before Christmas this year.

The concrete pedestal for the tank is complete and the top bowl portion has been assembled at the base of the pedestal.  Currently, workers are in the process of painting “Home of Campbellsville University” onto the white bowl.  This is accomplished with the use of stencils.  The outline of the letters is marked by using the stencils and then the letter is filled in with paint.  The bowl will be finished and raised to the top of the pedestal before the end of September.  At this point the tank roof will be installed onto the bowl.

A secondary phase of the project is replacement of one high service pump at the Water Treatment Plant.  This will increase pumping capacity to ensure the ability to pump water to the higher elevation of the new tank.  This phase is already complete.

The total cost of the project is $2,788,000.00.  Funding was obtained from three different sources.  A state Community Development Block Grant provided $746,000.00, the state legislature through the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority awarded a $750,000.00 grant.  USDA Rural Development’s contribution was a grant of $550,000.00 and a loan of $742,000.00.  The application process to secure all of this funding was quite a task and included a lengthy survey of about 400 of our customers.  We appreciate all the cooperation of those customers who helped us obtain the funding needed for this new water tank.

These improvements to our water system will not only provide additional water storage capacity, the water quality will improve for lots of folks as well.  A much-needed increase in water pressure will also be realized by many people in the community.

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