Projects Nearing Completion

by nataliefox on November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving is near.  This is the time we give thanks for all of our blessings.

The city is very thankful that some projects are nearing completion. The renovation of the old library building into the new Campbellsville Civic Center is nearing completion.  I must thank County Judge Executive Eddie Rogers, Taylor County Fiscal Court and Jailer Hack Marcum and staff, for allowing inmates to work on this project. Their efforts, along with city employees have transformed this uninhabitable building, one of the oldest buildings in town, to near its original condition of beauty, character and charm. The offices of the Chamber of Commerce, Community Ventures, Renaissance-Downtown Business, Greater Campbellsville United and Team Taylor County’s Economic Development Authority are now located in the Civic Center to do business for this community.  Please remember to mark Sunday, December 1st from 1:00pm to 5:00pm on your calendars for the Civic Center’s open house. City Council members will be there to welcome the public. Local musical entertainment will be provided for your enjoyment.

The sidewalk leading away from town from Howell Street toward Trace Creek is nearing completion. The residents of the area were in desperate need of a safe way to walk to school, work, stores and the park since I was just a young boy. The narrow entrance onto Ronaldson Court from North Central has been widened to allow two cars to pass. All residents living along the street gave the city an easement to build the sidewalk near the edge of their property.  The state transportation department issued a permit for the project and gave the city permission to build the sidewalk along their right of way. City employees and county inmates provided all the labor for this project. This saved the city thousands of dollars in labor by only needing to pay for the cost of materials.  The cooperation of these homeowners and the teamwork of our city employees along with the inmates have allowed this project to come about.  Thank you all.

A water line replacement project has been underway in the city this fall.  Many streets and yards had to be torn up to replace some of the oldest waterlines in the city. These new lines will improve water quality.  A private construction company has the contract and the responsibility to repair the areas. However, the city and water company will review the streets and yards to insure all are returned to the previous condition or better.  We want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding during this construction.  Please call the Water Company office at 270.789.3133 or City Hall at 270.465.7011 if you have concerns near your property.

Finally, I am thankful for the leadership in our schools.  They went to great effort to involve our students in school programs honoring and remembering our veterans this past week.

Some great things are happening in our city. Please be safe and remember to give thanks for your many blessings during the coming Thanksgiving holiday.

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